sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009

Um post em Inglês.

And then, come here often?

Today, is increasingly difficult to find children who have a good ability to give a teaser worthy of attention, so to speak.
Creativity and good humor is not lacking. Just walk in the street that you receive more toot of trucks, some littler kiss sent by air with Winks and even those sighs others.
I am impressed with the "talent" for some one to look in detail already nose drop a''classic''. no use running away because they are everywhere there. I wonder which site, , in which book, in which blessed place where they find these phrases ready.

Honestly? sung perfect, does not. can be funny, that everyone speaks or unpublished, may even be an interesting ... nothing replaces a good conversation, a real look, a warm smile and a hug filled with affection.
But while they can not do that, they try to conquer us in a different and more practical. and we, have to endure and have a lot of patience to listen to those sung almost all the time.

4 comentários:

  1. Verdade eles tem e que mudar as cantadas essas ja estao fora de moda!!!

  2. And then, come here often? kkkkkkkkkkk muito foda!

  3. Post em ingles ta inovando heim!!! bjs te adoro...

  4. Bexiga arriada de rir!!!!!!!!!! Muito engraçado...


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